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Lucha Underground Spoilers: March 9th & 16th, 2016

Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of Lucha Underground, taped this weekend:

Airing March 9th:
* Vampiro comes out to announce Catrina has made an Aztec Warfare match because Fenix won the LU Title. Fenix will enter at #1 while Mil Muertes will be the final man in at #20. Rey Mysterio debuted at #2 to a huge pop. This was a crazy 30+ minute match with action everywhere. Other participants included King Cuerno, Johnny Mundo, Prince Puma, PJ Black, Jack Evans, Texano Jr., Argenis, Chavo Guerrero, Brian Cage and others. Pentagon Jr. attacked Muertes with a chair as he came out. He came back and chased Pentagon away. Catrina slapped Vampiro as everything unfolded and out came Dario Cueto to another big pop. He said he’s still the boss and introduced a surprise entrance, his brother Matanza. Matanza was wearing a leather mask with blood drops on it and an orange mechanic style jumpsuit with dirt and blood on it. Matanza took out several wrestlers and barely sold the few moves that they hit on him. He destroyed everyone and got double teamed by Rey and Puma. He took out Puma and blocked a 619. Rey hit the next 619 but Matanza quickly kicked out. He destroyed Rey to win the match and the title.

Airing March 16th:
* Cortez and Mr. Cisco defeated a heel Johnny Mundo and a new blonde female partner. Brian Cage, who had come out during the match, tried to attack Mundo after the match but he ran off.

* Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc retained the Trios Titles over Disciples of Death in an Elimination Match. Catrina pushed Havoc off the top as he was about to win the match. Ivelisse came back out and took out Catrina, leading to Havoc getting the pin.

* Cheerleader Melissa in her Cobra mask with Marty The Moth defeated Sexy Star with Mack.


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