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LuFisto forfeits the Shine Championship

After over 500 days as SHINE Champion, LuFisto has announced via Facebook that she is forfeiting the SHINE Championship. Lufisto won the title at SHINE 40 when she defeated Mercedes Martinez and Sienna in a Triple Threat match after Ivelisse vacated the title due to injury.

Lufisto elaborated that due to an upcoming surgery on July 19th, she would not be able to compete at SHINE 52 on July 20th:

I need surgery and it has been scheduled for July 19th.

This means that I won’t be able to wrestle for a little while which will affect many events starting from Shine 52 that is taking place the following day on July 20th in Ybor City. I tried to postpone the surgery the following week of the event but it was just impossible.

Lufisto added that SHINE’s parent company WWNLive offered her the option to hold on to the belt but Lufisto believed it wasn’t the right thing to do:

WNN Live had given me the option to hold on to it but I strongly believe that it is not the right thing to do. A champion HAS TO defend the championship. It’s just the way it should be. On top of it, Shine 52 happens to be the anniversary show of Shine Wrestling. There is no way the Shine Championship cannot be defended on one of Shine’s most important event. For the same reason today, I forfeit the Shine Championship because I want the promotion to move forward and do what it is best for its success, which means having their highest prize be on their biggest show of the year.

Despite the setback, LuFisto maintains a fighting attitude:

I don’t know how long I’ll be out but be sure I will be back sooner than later. One of my doctors nicknamed me “The Female Wolverine” in the past and once again, I do intend to live up to the name.

You can read Lufisto’s full statement here and visit her website to purchase merchandise to help pay for her expenses.

Diva Dirt wishes LuFisto a smooth surgery and quick recovery.

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