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Lyra Valkyria Advances To The Queen Of The Ring Tournament Finals

Lyra Valkyria is one Nightwing away from becoming the Queen of the Ring.

In the Raw semi-finals match, Valkyria defeated former WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY. The match was given nearly 20 minutes. In a match that started off a bit clunky, it turned into a solid bout between the two. The final moments had Valkyria and SKY on the turnbuckle before SKY countered out and hit a power bomb.

With Valkyria down, SKY went for the over the moonsault but Valkyria moved out of the way and SKY landed on her feet. Valkyria went for her Nightwing finisher but SKY sneaked out of it only for Valkyria to sit on top of her to get the pin.

Valkyria is heading to Saudi Arabia this Saturday for the PLE where she will face either Bianca Belair or Nia Jax in the QOTR finals.

A promo by SKY happened before the match that can be seen below.

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