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Madison Eagles Discusses Her MMA Background, Mothers as Wrestlers

SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles spoke to SLAM! Wrestling to promote this Saturday’s NCW Femme Fatales show in Montreal, in which she will be making her debut with the promotion. Eagles talked about her entry into wrestling and gives some helpful tips on how women in wrestling can balance their careers with their personal lives.

On her MMA background:

“I did a lot of MMA as well, but professional wrestling sort of ended up outweighing that. There’s not a lot of opportunities for females to do MMA — it’s illegal in Australia to compete in mixed martial arts, even kickboxing. So there’s not a lot of opportunity there. When I was doing the amateur and all the MMA training, professional wrestling took a bit of a backseat for a little while there because I was swimming for that. I still love it. I wish I could do Ju-Jitsu every day. I think the way that I try to wrestle is different … there’s not just the kicking and submitting, there’s the jumping, the jumping off balconies, all that jazz.”

On SHIMMER’s status in the women’s wrestling world:

“I think for a lot of women in professional wrestling, that’s their goal, across the world, to work within SHIMMER. Because we have girls from Japan and England and Canada on the show, even if they are on a rotation, they spread the word too about how much they enjoy it, how much they enjoy the backstage, actually being on the show and what an honour it is. I think the word gets spread that way as well.”

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What helped her the most in forging a career in wrestling:

“To be completely honest with you, although my husband has encouraged me and helped me so much just with my knowledge of wrestling, and realizing just how much I really can do in the ring, it’s really been me that’s really pushed hard because I’m dedicated and motivated, and nothing’s ever good enough for me. It’s really been me pushing all the way. I’m the one that went out there and got my tapes into SHIMMER, to get them even looked at.”

How she, as a mother, thinks women like Kharma can balance their professional and personal lives:

“I think if you just take it easy and let it happen, it becomes a lot easier. If you’re too stressed, if you’re only concentrating on the wrestling, then there goes the family life; if you only concentrate on the family life, then there goes the wrestling. If you just let them mix in together and you take it easy, and just let what happens happen, I think that’s the way to do it. That’s the way I make it work. [My daughter] understands when she’s watching what’s happening and stuff like that, but she still gets afraid. Obviously, we’re getting the crap beaten out of us, but then she wants to wrestle us on the ground in the lounge room.”

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You can read the entire article at SLAM! Wrestling.

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