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Madison Rayne on why she chose to sign with Ring of Honor

In recent light of the Mae Young Classic II, Madison Rayne was interviewed by CBS Local Sports: Pittsburgh about why she chose Ring of Honor, her talks with WWE, and who her dream opponents would be. Rayne is a former five-time Impact Knockouts Champion and has been in the wrestling industry for 13 years. At this point in her career, an opportunity in the WWE would be a huge break, but she explains on why it would also not work for her, personally.

Per Wrestling Inc.’s report from CBS Local Sports: Pittsburgh, they share the concerns Rayne had if WWE were to have approached her for a contract:

“Conversations between WWE and myself were always positive. I always got great feedback on everything I did, from the tryout a year ago to just recently doing Mae Young. This past year has been the first and only time that I’ve ever worked in any capacity with WWE. So, that was really exciting this many years into my career, to finally have been able to do that.

But it’s about trying to figure out what was going to be best for me and which company I would flourish the best in. I felt that Ring of Honor was my best option, and that is not saying that WWE offered me something and I said no, I just feel like I was always very honest and upfront about the fact that Columbus was my home and Columbus would remain my home. I understand that they have a system that they put their talent through, regardless of whether you’ve never taken one bump, or you’ve been wrestling for many years, and that system starts in Orlando. While wrestling is still very, very important to me, being a mother and being a wife, those two things are greatly more important.

There was never that definitive conversation, but just given the fact that I knew and I never wanted there to be any gray area in my communication with WWE, and I made it clear that I could and would not be willing to relocate, I think that probably kind of settled the question there as far as whether or not a contract with WWE was going to be in my future.”

Rayne faced off against Mercedes Martinez in this year’s Mae Young Classic II. Unfortunately for Rayne, she did not advance from the first round. She also spoke about who she would want to face in the ring that she has not already faced yet.

“I’ve made my little dream list. The one that people talk about a lot, probably for varying reasons, would be me and Alexa Bliss. We’re both from Columbus, we’re both small, we both tend to have a bit of attitude when it comes to our in-ring persona.

I’ve met her several times, I knew her years ago, when we both competed in fitness competitions. So, I just think that it would be fun for that to come full circle and for us to meet in the ring. I would love, and I hope that not far down the road it comes to fruition.

I would also love to get in the ring one-on-one with Tenille [Dashwood]. I’ve not had that opportunity yet, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

Based off of the choice of Alexa Bliss as a wrestler she would love to step into the ring with, here’s five other WWE superstars that she would likely put on a great match with:

1. Sasha Banks
2. Peyton Royce
3. Carmella
4. Bianca Belair
5. Naomi

What do you think about Madison Rayne’s reason for choosing Ring of Honor? Are you surprised she chose Alexa Bliss to have a dream match with? What other wrestlers would you like Madison Rayne to face?

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