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Mae Young Classic participate Vanessa Kraven undergoes surgery

2018 Mae Young Classic competitor Vanessa Kraven, reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, underwent surgery earlier this week, after suffering a brutal leg injury.

Kraven suffered her leg injury at an event in Ottawa, last week. She would share in detail how the injury occurred on her official Facebook page. Her full explanation can be seen below:

“My left leg suffered a severe torquing during a move while my foot stayed more or less planted on the canvas, resulting in both a fracture and break in my lower leg.”

“[U]nfortunately my lower leg/ankle requires fixation surgery,” she additionally wrote. “My fibula will be getting a plate and screws and a piece of my ankle will be reattached with pins.

I was planning on coming to Renfrew for the show on Saturday if I was only in a cast, but surgery requires me to at least take a few days to get through the initial unpleasantness. I’ll have to wear a boot after the operation for anywhere up to 2 months. Could be off sooner if things go well!

I will still be in attendance at both C4 and the joint Smash/FLQ shows on Nov. 16th and 17th. Come say hi and buy some new 8x10s or a t-shirt to support me during my downtime. Every little bit is appreciated.”

On Friday, Kraven posted a follow-up stating, “I am alive and out of surgery!”

As of right now, she does not have a specific date for her return. “I don’t have one just yet. I want to focus on regaining strength, mobility, range of motion and do a good amount of physio before anything else.”

Here’s a photo of the exact moment the injury occurred. Please note, the image is slightly graphic.

Vanessa Kraven
Credit: Pro Wrestling Sheet

Kraven has been wrestling professionally for 14 years, and is most notably the former SHIMMER Tag Team Champion. She participated in this year’s WWE Mae Young Classic Tournament, eliminated after the first round by Lacey Lane.

We wish Kraven well during her recovery process and look forward to her returning to the ring.

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