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Mae Young Classic Review: Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Mae Young Classic. The first four matches in Episode 1 introduced seasoned veterans, new faces, and compelling match ups. Let’s see what Episode 2 has in store and dive in!

Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li

As the match begins Mercedes immediately indicates she’s a heel veteran who should not be messed with. She continues to disrespect Xia throughout the match. Xia’s offense is stiff hits and karate kicks.

There’s good back and forth momentum between both of them but Mercedes is able to withstand Xia’s hard hits to perform a swift spine buster into a modified dragon sleeper for the win.

In a backstage interview Mercedes indicates she’s the only legend that’ll advance in the tournament.

Thoughts: For Xia’s first outing I am definitely impressed. She was stiff and being in the ring with Mercedes definitely helped to sell her hard hitting offense. She was fast and she knew how to sell her mannerisms effectively via her body language.

Mercedes was also interesting here. She didn’t get too much offense in because she was defending most of the time but I liked how she automatically assumed the heel veteran position.

Her promo needs some work but, it’s her first time on a bigger stage so I’m OK with it being a bit shaky. I’m looking forward to seeing her compete against another veteran with a completely different style. Princesa Sugehit made me an instant fan with her fast paced Lucha style in the last episode.

Overall, with more training Xia is going to be someone to watch and I love how different she is already. I also want to see more from Mercedes and I think her next match in the second round should bring more of her skills into play. She’s a tough as nails vet and I’m ready for her to come through.

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