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Mae Young Classic Review: Episode 2

Rhea Ripley vs Miranda Salinas

The match starts off fast as the crowd rallies around Rhea. We have a massive size difference here between our two opponents so Miranda tries to utilize her unpredictable stature by being quick on her feet.

Rhea flattens her though with a hard drop kick and Miranda goes outside the ring to compose herself.

Miranda tries to fight back with hard slaps and fast kicks but Rhea is too much for her, she hits her in the corner and plants her with a very hard running drop kick to the face. After regaining her strength Miranda goes for a tilt-a-whirl pin but it’s not enough.

Rhea plants Miranda with a full nelson slam for the win.

Rhea celebrates her win in her backstage interview.

Thoughts: This was probably one of my favorite match ups because of the difference in these two. We have someone who touts themselves as somewhat of a prodigy and is tall vs someone who is small and agile. This was a cool to see. I am 5’1 so I really appreciate the influx of talent that’s happening with these women who are smaller in height.

I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’m unfamiliar with these two. Rhea already carries herself with high bubbly energy and I am automatically pulled in by it. She’s also only 20 years old, I am thoroughly impressed by the way she already carries herself in the ring! Imagine what she’ll be able to do in five years time if she continues to accelerate her skills this way. She is bursting with vivaciousness, she will be a star.

I also really liked Miranda. She is someone to watch and since I love the Lucha style, her agility resonated with me. I’d love to see more of what she can do and hope she continues training and is eventually signed with NXT to develop further. She has an interesting dark look and at times reminded me of Ivelisse.

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