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Main Event Redux (July 13th, 2017): Mickie battles Emma

Good day readers and welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux! It’s been well over a year since I’ve covered a women’s match from WWE’s C+ program but this week we’re back and treated to a match-up pitting Raw Superstars Mickie James and Emma against each other. Let’s see how the action unfolds.

The match starts off with a tie-up, Emma winning the bout by locking Mickie in a headlock. Mickie escapes by cleverly rolling Emma through and manages to lock in a headlock of her own. Emma breaks free by shoving Mickie to the ropes, only to be taken down by a shoulder block. Mickie runs to ropes and takes Emma down once again with dropkick that earns a two-count.

Emma takes a breather by drawing back to the ropes but manages to take control of the match after sliding and striking Mickie from behind. She follows up by throwing Mickie face first to a top turnbuckle and then whipping Mickie to the ropes. Mickie reveres upon return, striking Emma down with a swift kick.

The women meet back at the turnbuckle, where Mickie sets Emma up for her signature cornered hurricanrana but Emma counters this out into a powerbomb for a win! As Emma goes for the cover, backstage cameras catch Dana Brooke tuning to the match. What’s this, Main Event actually giving us a potential follow up to Dana’s meeting with Emma from the Great Balls of Fire Kick-off show?

Back to the in-ring action, Emma tries to wear Mickie down with a suplex and a grounded full nelson hold. Mickie gets to her feet, striking Emma with some elbow shots to break free from Emma’s grasp but is taken down with a clothesline.

Emma goes on to place Mickie upside-down from the familiar turnbuckle and slides under the bottom rope to the outside. From there, Emma pulls Mickie’s hair but lets go before the referee calls for a DQ.

Emma returns inside the ring and lays a kick to the back of Mickie James, knocking off the former Women’s Champion from the corner. Emma goes for the cover but Mickie stays alive! For a second time in this match, Emma locks in a full nelson hold but Mickie breakouts with repetitive elbow shots.

Momentum begins to build up for Emma as she strikes Emma with a combination of kicks, clotheslines and a flapjack. Mickie climbs the top rope of a turnbuckle to land a diving seated splash to Emma for a two count.

Back on their feet, Mickie kicks Emma in the midsection and hits the Mickie-DT that earns her the three count victory. Post match, we find Dana still carefully looking on to this one-on-one match-up.

Thoughts: Wow what a fun match! I think we can all agree that both Emma and Mickie are two talents that have been neglected on Raw. This match really played out some of the strengths that both Superstars can play when given the chance.

Emma’s got attitude, aggression and tactics up her sleeve while Mickie is the seasoned fan favorite. It was such a relief to actually hear the crowd pop and get behind Mickie James again!

Right now, the WWE are trying to juggle multi-person matches on both Raw and SmackDown when it comes to their Women’s division. I get that they want to spotlight as many Superstars as they can but its comes at the price of repetitive stories/narratives. Raw has one more hour of air time than SmackDown, surely they can somehow carry a secondary women’s feud outside the title picture, can’t they?

Here, Main Event even took the time to acknowledge the encounter Emma had with Dana Brooke and while there wasn’t that much to take away from it (yet), continuity is key! Let’s just hope some of this carries on to Raw in the weeks ahead.

What did you think of the match? What do think will happen between Emma and Dana Brooke? Would you like to see an Emma/Mickie feud play out on Raw? Let us know in the comments below!

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