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Main Event Redux (October 9th, 2015): Naomi Conquers Paige

What’s up, guys? First of all, big apologies that this Redux is coming to you this late. Things are so, so busy right now that the only time I’m not doing something is when I’m asleep, and unfortunately I can’t type when I’m asleep. I am sorry!

That said, let’s get this show on the road. It’s Naomi vs. a newly enraged Paige!

Paige heads out first, followed by Naomi who has Tamina in her corner for this bout. The numbers game could come into play in this match, seeing as Paige is happily playing the lone wolf right now.

The ladies lock up and Naomi goes for some early pin attempts, but Paige kicks out. Paige turns the tables on her opponents, but both divas come back swinging and it’s all equal as they go after each other again. Paige is throwing some serious frustration early on, and it’s all coming up roses for Naomi until Paige lands a kick to the midsection and sends her flying to the mat.

Paige lines Naomi up on the ropes and delivers her signature knees to the chest, but it doesn’t put Naomi quite out yet. Naomi manages to come back, bounding into the ring. But Paige knocks her senseless with a big knee to the face. Paige with the cover now, very confident, but Naomi kicks out. Naomi holds her face as Paige ties her up in the middle of the ring. Taming screams words of encouragement to her partner, but gets only a ‘shut your mouth, Tamina!’ from Paige for her troubles.

We come back from break and Paige is still looking strong. She traps Naomi in the corner and lands repeated knees to the face, before tossing Naomi to the centre of the ring like a rag doll. Paige then chokes Naomi on the second rope in full view of Tamina, taunting Superfly’s daughter. So Paige is full-on heel now, right?

Paige goes back to work on Naomi, hanging her upside down on the turnbuckle and stretching Naomi’s arms backwards, much further than they’re meant to go. The crowd still seems to love Paige, though. Shocking. (Not.)

Naomi looks to be in dire circumstances now, with Paige’s relentless attacks being just that. Paige ties her opponent up in the centre of the ring once again, and she carries on in her mocking way, chanting ‘Naomi, Naomi, Naomi!’ as she bashes Naomi’s head against her knee. What a b*tch. Naomi fights her way to a brief, brief comeback, but Paige catches her – literally in mid air – and delivers a punishing fall-away slam. Paige with the cover, but Naomi kicks out.

The frustration we saw earlier in Paige is really taking root now, and it costs her. As Naomi comes off the ropes, both divas with the same idea wind up on the mat! Paige is hit just as hard as Naomi, and they’re both left scrambling to make a defence.

Surprisingly, it’s Naomi who comes out swinging! She’s landing shots left, right and centre on her cocky opponent. Paige is sent face first into the mat after a kick to the back of the head, as Naomi looks to recover some ground. She nails a stunning jawbreaker and goes for the pin, but it’s only a two count. Paige is still a little too fresh; Naomi’s got some more work to do.

Naomi goes for the Rear View, but Paige knows better than that and lays Naomi out with a kick right to the jaw! Things look dire once again for Naomi, but she manages to kick out after a count of two. An enraged Paige follows Naomi back to where Tamina waits on the outside, demanding that Tamina get off Naomi. Remember that numbers game I mentioned earlier? Well, here it is.

While Paige is distracted, telling the referee that Tamina is getting in the way, Naomi rolls her up from behind with a beautiful bridge pin and gets the 1, 2, 3 on the former Divas champion. Ruh roh, someone’s not going to be happy with that! I can feel the tantrum coming on!

Naomi makes a break for it with Tamina by her side as Paige looks on.

Thoughts: A nice little match that certainly painted Paige as the villain, but all accounts. Both girls did really well, and I enjoyed it! Paige works much better as a heel than a face, because she just has the bitchy, entitled attitude down so well. Great things to come for her, I’m sure, and for Naomi too, hopefully! Why she hasn’t had a Divas title run yet is unbelievable to me, but there we are!

Until next time! x

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