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Mandy Rose discusses staying healthy and developing a fitness app

SmackDown Live Superstar Mandy Rose spoke to Star Magazine recently in regards to her fitness and staying healthy. She goes over how often she trains, what her workout consists of, and what motivates her. Rose also explains her very own fitness app that is now available and how it can help others.

Motivation is a big factor in staying on target when trying to lose weight or stay in shape. This is no different for athletes who put their bodies on the line to entertain many fans in the ring. Rose comments on what keeps her motivated to continue with her fit and healthy lifestyle.

“Progress—and inspiring others to achieve their goals. There’s always room for improvement, and I personally love seeing all the hard work and dedication play out right in front of my eyes. It’s even more rewarding when I can help others achieve their goals, not only in the fitness industry but also within sports entertainment.”

Credit: Per Bernal/Muscle & Fitness Hers

Rose said the following in regards to how often she trains.

“I train five to six days a week, usually for an hour and a half at the gym. However, being on the road as much as I am now, sometimes I have to train in hotel gyms or even my hotel room. I’ve learned to make it work no matter where I am. That’s one reason why I created the Fit With Mandy app.”

Credit: Per Bernal/Muscle & Fitness Hers

She discusses in further detail how her very own mobile fitness app works. She concludes with removing all excuses when people say they don’t have time to exercise.

“It’s a 12-week at-home program designed for both men and women of all ages and skill levels. You can go at your own pace and do this program anywhere—it includes a lot of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises, and it requires little to no equipment. I designed the program because I’m always on the road traveling, and sometimes can’t get to a gym with my busy schedule. But with this app, there are no excuses—anyone can make time. It’s available for download now in the App Store, so check it out.”

For the full interview you can check out the Star Magazine interview by clicking here.

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