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Mandy Rose On A Return To The Ring: “It Has To Be The Right Call”

Mandy Rose recently spoke to TMZ Sports on her status when it comes to wrestling. Rose was released back in December from WWE, just one day after she dropped the NXT Women’s Title to Roxanne Perez.

While speaking with TMZ, Rose stated she isn’t saying “no” to an in-ring return right now but it has to be under the right circumstance.

“Financially, I’ve been doing really well. Personally and mentally, I’ve been doing amazing. I have so much more time to spend with my family and get involved with more things that I never thought I would get involved in. It’s been awesome.

I always tell people, ‘WWE is an amazing platform, I am forever grateful, but it’s not the end all be all, and there are amazing opportunities afterward.’ After seeing stuff today [WWE releases], I always tell everyone, ‘there are so many opportunities out there.’ I feel for people that did get released because that’s not the phone call you want at the end of the day. I have a lot of connections and I always tell them, ‘You can call me, I have all the hookups. If you want to go my route, it’s been amazing.’ I can’t complain,” she said. (Fightful)

She continues, “I do miss performing, I miss the camaraderie, I miss that adrenaline rush, for sure, I can’t sit here and say I don’t miss it. However, I am keeping myself super busy to not have to think about it as much. I don’t know about the future. I am a free agent now. If the right call comes around and I feel like making an appearance and coming back to any wrestling federation out there, I’m not saying it’s a ‘no,’ but right now I’m pretty busy. It has to be the right call,” she said.

Where would you like to see Mandy return to the ring? Comment below.

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