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Mandy Rose retains the NXT Women’s Championship at New Year’s Evil

Mandy Rose is still your NXT Women’s Champion after winning a Triple Threat match at New Year’s Evil. Her opponents were Cora Jade and Raquel Gonzalez. Rose would make her arrival only as a champion would and that is on a helicopter.

The match would start with Gonzalez going right after Jade at the sound of the bell. The champ backed off but it only took another second for Gonzalez to target Rose. After Jade gets back on her feet she gets Gonzalez thrown over the top rope.

The action spills on the outside with Rose and Jade. Gonzalez hits Rose with a big boot and Jade surprises Gonzalez with a senton off of the ring apron. The fight goes back into the ring with Jade getting a near fall. Gonzalez capitalizes and lifts up both Rose and Jade on her shoulders for a Samoan Drop.

Rose introduces a kendo stick to the match and uses it to try and keep Gonzalez down on the mat by targeting her knees. Gonzalez had other plans and was able to get the weapon away from the grip of the champ and use it to her advantage. As Rose gets back into control, she keeps Gonzalez outside the ring as she drives the kendo stick into the throat of Jade before getting a near fall.

As the match winds down, Rose was on the outside and Gonzalez went to toss Jade over the top rope onto the champion. Rose moved out of the way and Jade landed hard on the outside. Rose then started to retreat and run towards the back until Gonzalez pulled her back into the ring. Gonzalez tries to put Rose away but the champ rolls out of the ring.

After a near fall on Gonzalez, Rose is in control but goes for a knee strike which Big Mami Cool avoids. Gonzalez executes a one-arm powerbomb and promptly goes for the cover but Jade rejoins the match off the top turnbuckle to break up the count.

Gonzalez became enraged and props Jade up on the top turnbuckle. Jade counters and shoves Gonzalez over the ropes as she tumbles to the outside. Jade tries to go for a win with a roll-up on Rose. Rose had her hand on the ropes which gave her leverage to avoid the pin attempt and she got a pin of her own to retain the championship.

Elsewhere on New Year’s Evil, Elektra Lopez has been being pulled between her family of Legado del Fantasma and her love interest Xyon Quinn. She confirms that next week when Santos Escobar goes one-on-one against Quinn, the winner will be the one that she walks out with.

Also for next week, a six-woman tag team match is booked.

Backstage, Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro were working out while focusing on their plans to become the next tag team champions. Amari Miller joined in on the conversation and the three talked about what they did to start their new year.

Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta interrupted and they were confident that they would become the next tag team champions. The challenge was laid out between the two teams for a six-woman tag match for next week but Hartwell and Pirotta needed to find a third.

With Tiffany Stratton sitting nearby, they tried to recruit her but she was far from interested. Behind her was Wendy Choo waking up from her nap of the week. Not knowing who she was, Choo told her new teammates to stop looking at her like a ham sandwich.

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