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Mandy Rose Returns Ahead Of Halloween Havoc; Pick Your Poison Match Results


Who stood tall heading into NXT’s Halloween Havoc on the Oct. 18 episode of NXT?

The NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose returned to NXT after a few weeks to help build towards her match at this weekend’s premium live event as she hopes to retain so she can make it to 365-days as champion.

Before we get to Rose and the championship, the show started off with the first of two Pick Your Poison matches. Ahead of their Weapon’s Wild Match at Halloween Havoc, both Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade picked each other’s opponents. Perez took on Raw’s Rhea Ripley. Jade took on SmackDown’s Raquel Rodriguez later in the show.

First, Perez put on a lengthy hard-hitting match with Ripley. Ripley arrives with all of her Judgment Day faction which ended up being the downfall of Perez. Despite putting up a good fight and narrowly almost defeating Ripley, a distraction by Dominik Mysterio was what it took for a Riptide to take out Perez. Ripley gets the pin.

Later in the night, Jade took on Rodriguez and the match ended in a disqualification giving the win to Jade. After Rodriguez took down her opponent with a lariat, Jade grabbed a bat and brought it into the ring. The bat would get into the hands of Rodriguez who used it to cause the DQ. Directly after the match, Perez rushed to ringside to start brawling with her former best friend.

Once back in the ring, Jade found herself between Perez and Rodriguez as Perez delivered a super kick. Jade ran off after Perez went for a swing of the bat.

The third women’s match of the night had the challenger for the NXT Women’s Championship Alba Fyre taking on Sonya Deville. Deville shocked the NXT crowd last week when she showed up to help Toxic Attraction during Mandy Rose’s absence. In a short match that was revving up to be so much more, Fyre would pin Deville with a roll up.

Deville and Toxic Attraction would immediately attack Fyre and hold her back with her own back as the NXT Women’s Champion made her way out to the ring. Rose says that at Halloween Havoc she will be fighting Fyre with Fire. Fyre fights off Toxic Attraction and Deville before Rose enters the ring. Rose attempts to go after Fyre with the championship belt but Fyre catches her with the bat beforehand. Rose retreats.

Rose won the NXT Women’s Championship at last year’s Halloween Havoc by defeating Raquel Rodriguez. If she defeats Fyre and retains, Oct. 26 will mark 365-days as champion.

Shotzi returned to NXT and will be the host of Halloween Havoc alongside Quincy Elliott. More on that here.

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance will defend their NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships against Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons on the Oct. 25 episode of NXT. More on that here.

Thea Hail was on this week’s episode during a Chase U segment where she requested another match with Kiana James.

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