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Mandy Rose Speaks On A Potential Toxic Attraction Main Roster Run

NXT 2.0 has just passed its first year since its rebranding and arguably, the biggest stars made in that time are Toxic Attraction.

In an interview for Out of Character with Ryan Satin the Unified NXT Women’s Champion, Mandy Rose, discusses a possible main roster return and who she would like to see face Toxic Attraction. Credit to Fightful for the quotes.

“Yeah, I think it would be really cool, especially right now. Bayley’s trio I think is super cool, and I think one day it would be really awesome to face off against [Damage] CTRL. But I also think I want everyone to be fully ready as well because I know how it can be,” – Mandy Rose

Mandy would then go on to discuss the other members of Toxic Attraction, Dolin and Jayne.

On Gigi Dolin, Mandy has this to say:

“Since I met Gigi the first time, I liked how there’s kind of like this quiet mystery about her. She’s a little more to herself, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I kind of was always like that as well. I’m not your over-the-top kissass-type person, and I don’t really see her as being like that either. I feel like that’s kind of the vibe I got. I was like, ‘This girl’s cool.’ Obviously, she’s been working really hard on the independents, and obviously so has Jacy. So I just feel like I think it’s cool that their hard work has finally paid off and they finally made it to the big stage,” 

Dolin made her first appearance as part of the second Mae Young Classic before debuting officially in the first Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. This made her more familiar with the NXT Universe which Mandy also alludes to when discussing Jacy Jayne.

“I would say her greatest attribute would be like her passion. She’s extremely passionate, and that goes a really long way, but she’s also a really hard worker. She wants the best for everyone, too. She’s a really good person. I think Jacy, to be honest, has really come a long way, too, when it comes to character. At first, Gigi I think at first had a little bit more, I don’t wanna say name, but more people maybe knew her from the independents and she had a couple TV matches, so maybe that’s the case. But Jacy when we first came together, there were times where at first they were like, ‘Who’s Jacy?’ We’ve all been through that, but now I really see so much growth in her character because she’s really come to find herself. I just think she has that kind of wild side, and that screamy side of her is just what kind of makes her stand out. She’s really found herself, which I think is really cool to see and be a part of,”

Toxic Attraction has sat atop the NXT Women’s Division for the best part of a year, during that time Mandy has retained the NXT Women’s Championship while Dolin/Jayne has held the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships twice. Dolin and Jayne have made two appearances so far on SmackDown.

It remains to be seen when Toxic Attraction will officially be called up and if they will come together as a trio but the fans are ready for change and a move to the main roster could be exactly that.

Watch the full episode here and let us know how you would book a FULL Toxic Attraction Main Roster debut.

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