Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Maria Dresses Like a Circus Freak Performer

If you were one of many that wondered what in the blue hell Maria was thinking when she wore that lacey nightmare to the Paws for Style event last week, SmackDown’s newest Diva offers an explanation, detailing her inspiration for the look:

“Well, what I’m wearing today is kind of a collaboration of things. I was thinking about circus dogs and circus animals and how fun they are,” she explained. “My inspiration was circus dogs and I’m definitely wearing my own design – I just finished it today!”

I’d make a circus joke, but that would be too obvious. Instead, I will feign complete shock and awe at the fact that she finished her dress on the day of the event. That looks like a labor of love, Maria! A psychotic labor of love, but one nonetheless! (Read the rest of the article on the Paws for Style event.)

If you – like me – prefer Maria’s canine design, which she also designed and modeled (on her puppy Gemini) on the runway, Paws for Style is auctioning it off with all proceeds going towards the American Humane Society. It’s a great cause, and the bidding is currently at $25.01. (Click here to view the auction.)

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