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Maria: “I Wasn’t Blessed with Amazing Wrestling Ability”

And who are we to deny? Maria Kanellis, the former WWE Diva currently competing on The Celebrity Apprentice, was charmingly frank when discussing her in-ring skills in a new interview with Alex Marvez. The ‘Fantasy’ singer said:

“I lost all the time,” Kanellis said. “I wasn’t blessed with amazing wrestling ability. I worked my tail off to get better. But some people look good fighting and some look like spiders in the ring. I was a spider with only seven legs and one dangling. I watch some of my matches and say, ‘Oh dear.’ I think people felt sorry for me and thought, ‘I know that girl,’ or, ‘I am that girl.’ “

It’s nice to know that Maria is able to be honest and look back and laugh at herself. She wasn’t the world’s greatest wrestler by any means but at least she holds up her hands up to it!

Maria also comments on her current single, ‘Fantasy’ which she says was inspired by her breakup with CM Punk, plus she also wants to play Wonder Woman. This girl really wants to do it all! Next: world peace.

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