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Maria Kanellis denies asking for release from WWE

Earlier this week, reports surfaced saying Maria Kanellis and her husband, Mike Kanellis, requested their release from WWE. Maria Kanellis went to Twitter the following day with a slew of “Social Media Fact Checks” on the subject to refute some of the claims surrounding the couple. Today she directly responded to the reports via Instagram, with the following statement:

“I was not going to address this but I am getting phone calls and emails about it. I DID NOT ask for my release. Speculation and rumors are running rampant. Someone is playing all the wrestling news sites. It’s a game. I’ve been in professional wrestling for 15 years and what I do in front of the camera will only be a small part of the full story. I have relationships with fans, talent, producers, and their families. I have been in the hospital when people have been injured and backstage to hug someone that just had a great match. I don’t need to stir up shit. I don’t need to put others down. I am an imperfect human that has learned from past mistakes.”

“Whoever is leaking rumors I pity you. And your desperate attempt for attention while disparaging my husband and I. I’m gonna take the weekend off of social media to hang out with my beautiful family and I suggest whoever it is does the same. Social media is not fact. It is fantasy, a nightmare, or a place for bullies. I want to use this for motivation to be positive everyday. I am still learning how to be a mom. I still fight postpartum depression. And I still try and become a better person everyday. I don’t need this made up extra stress. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and thank you for your support!!”

With all the stories dropping to start the year, this won’t be the last of rumored releases and signings. It’s an exciting time for fans, but a tricky situation for the talent and journalists. This report in particular was corroborated by more than one source at WWE.

That’s not to say, Maria shouldn’t be taken at her word, but the current landscape of wrestling is creating new precedents. It’s up to us to do the proper due diligence.

Check back with Diva Dirt for any new updates on this ongoing story.

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