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WOW’s Abilene Maverick on AEW, Tessa Blanchard, and her NWA reign

Abilene Maverick, also known as Barbi Hayden from her time during the indies, has already accomplished so much at such a young age.

Diva Dirt’s Kristen Ashly got to speak with Maverick ahead of WOW’s debut on AXS-TV, tonight, at 9 p.m. EST regarding her time at the indies, being judged for her age, and wrestling to make her family proud.

Maverick, known as the “Governor’s Daughter” spoke on how she came to WOW.

During her tenure in the indie circuit, Maverick, along with Tessa Blanchard, was involved in the first match to ever be televised in China. Maverick spoke on the incident, and how bizarre the bureaucratic tape could be.

Maverick was also the youngest wrestler to hold the NWA World Woman’s Championship; a reign that lasted 378 days and was defended a total of 11 times throughout the world. The Texan native mentions how people thought she didn’t deserve it.

Founder David McLane mentioned in the WOW press conference call that there would be talent sharing between promotions. Diva Dirt asked Maverick if she would be allowed to work for promotions outside of WOW. She made sure to mention that as Barbi Hayden, she could work under several different promotions, including All Elite Wrestling.

When asked if she was able to say whether she had meetings with any companies, she said she couldn’t outright say which ones, but:

Maverick wrestles for her family and friends, primarily her grandfather, who will be watching tonight as the debut of WOW premieres on AXS-TV, live at 9 p.m. EST.

Will you be watching the debut of WOW?

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