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Maria Kanellis mentions the end of her current contract

Maria Kanellis took to her Twitter account today to suggest that the end of her contract with WWE will be up shortly. She returned to WWE with her husband Mike Kanellis in 2017 during the month of June.

She said the following on Twitter:

This tweet obviously caused many fans to start naming off multiple organizations to where they would like to see Kanellis and her husband join once their contracts have ended. With All Elite Wrestling (AEW) having their first show this past weekend their organization was frequently mentioned.

She followed up her original tweet by answering a question to a fan’s response. The question that was asked was “contracts where?”

Kanellis responds with, “our gym memberships…”

PWInsider stated that after checking with sources that Kanellis is indeed referring to their WWE contracts. Earlier this year there were rumors of the couple asking for their releases prior to the ending. Maria has since denied that rumor. There is no confirmation at this time on if the couple intends to re-sign with WWE or move on to another organization.

If Maria and Mike Kanellis were to move on from WWE which organization would you like to see them in? Do you want to see them stay with WWE?

Check back in with Diva Dirt on any further news in regards to this topic.

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