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Maria Kanellis says she has an announcement to make tonight during RAW *Updated*

Update: Maria and Mike Kanellis announced on Twitter that they will be doing a podcast. It will be called Nonessential Wrestler Podcast. This was the announcement that she was planning to make during RAW.

Maria Kanellis, along with her husband Mike, were two of the many talents that WWE released last week during their decrease of staff. Since then, both Maria and Mike have posted their reactions after their releases to Twitter. Maria was very candid in her appreciation with what she has done with her career in WWE and looks forward to her future.

Today, Maria has posted on her social media that both her and her husband will be sharing some news during tonight’s RAW. From this post she has tagged not only WWE but other companies such as AEW, Impact, NJPW, and ROH.

Along with the announcement that is forthcoming and on an unrelated note, Maria says who she wishes she could have worked with in WWE. That person is Paige. She also mentioned that she wanted to have a retirement match with her, obviously if it could have been done.

What do you think her announcement will be later on today? Check back with Diva Dirt for an update on what she has to say at that time.

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