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Maria Kanellis Wins First Wrestling Championship

Maria and opponent Tara pose before the show.

Former WWE Diva turned ROH star Maria Kanellis returned to the ring last night on her 30th birthday — and scored her first championship in wrestling.

The Story Behind Maria Kanellis’ Wrestling Return: “I Don’t Want to be a Diva”

Maria returned to the ring for the first time in two years and took part in her first match since being released by WWE. She took part in a four woman tournament to crown Family Wrestling Entertainment’s first-ever Women’s Champion at their ‘No Limits’ event at St Paul’s Hall in New York City.

Exclusive: Maria Kanellis Talks About Her Return to the Ring, Joining Ring of Honor, Recent WWE Backstage Visit & More

Results below courtesy of PWInsider.

* First round: Winter vs. Brooke Tessmacher: Described as a “short but decent opener” match, Winter scored the win to advance to the finals when she caught Tessmacher off a flying body press and hit her with a gutbuster.

* First round: Maria Kanellis vs. Tara: Maria defeated Tara when Winter interfered. Tara had the victory in her grasp – with Maria set up for the devastating Widow’s Peak  – when Winter made her presence known, leading to a face-off with her fellow TNA Knockout. Maria then proceeded to roll Tara up for the win! The match was rated as “fine” but with a “goofy finish”.

* Finals: Winter vs. Maria Kanellis: Said to be an “OK” match, Winter took control early on, with Kanellis later making a big comeback. Kanellis’ comeback got cut short when she was elevated and dropped onto the top turnbuckle by Winter, but Tessmacher made a second appearance and distracted the referee… which allowed for Tara to hit Winter with the Widow’s Peak, paying her back for her interference earlier in the evening. Maria then covered Winter for the victory and to be crowned the first-ever FWE Women’s Champion!

Congratulations to Maria and a happy birthday!

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