Monday, February 26, 2024

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Maria & Maryse Show Their True Colors

It’s time to play photoshoot catch-up. I missed yesterday’s bath of photos, so I’m condensing two posts into one. Here, we have two SmackDown Divas playing a bit of color theory – Maria‘s rocking the blue in her “Blue Beauty” photoshoot, and Maryse is surrounded by sunny yellow in “Ray of Light”. Both girls look fabulous, but I looooveee that shade of yellow in Maryse’s photoshoot. Did I ever tell you my favorite Power Ranger was the yellow ranger? No? Well, maybe that’s why I have this long-running bias towards yellow. Anywayyyysss… Tell me what you think: are you feeling Maria’s blue or are you more entranced by Maryse’s yellow? Photoshoot-wise, I have to give the edge to Maryse – that girl can take fantastic photos.


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