Monday, March 4, 2024

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Maria Puckers Up; States the Obvious

Looks like finally got their photoshoot titles right! Maria‘s new photoshoot, “Puckering Up”, pretty much sums up every Maria photoshoot – it’s all about the kissy-face. To be honest, I’d rather focus on the fish lips this time around, as her outfit looks like something straight out of the juniors department of some trashy department store. What can I say – fringed gloves do nothing for me. And really, a GARTER? Yuck. But, like I say every time, Maria is gorgeous – you can definitely see that here. It’s just her irritating facial habits and bad sense of style that holds her back.

While we’re on the subject of Maria, who thinks she’ll make her SmackDown debut tonight? Fellow draftee Layla failed to appear on her new brand last night, so will Maria suffer the same fate? We shall see!


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