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Maria Versus CM Punk – It’s On!

It’s old news that WWE Intercontinental Champion, CM Punk, and WWE Playboy Cover girl, Maria , were an item some years back. Today, they may be cordial towards each other (face-to-face), but the mud still flies, the knife still aims at the back, and the shit’s about to hit the fan… let’s just say the hatchet isn’t completely buried.

It’s a juicy case of “He Said, She Said!” In separate interviews, the two recently had the following to say… and with their relationship history… it doesn’t take a neurosurgeon to figure out that they’re speaking through experience – and about each other!

When asked what she looks for in a partner, Maria says: “Looking for someone who’s going to treat me like a lady and not like one of the boys.

In a separate recent interview when discussing Playboy Playmates, Punk said, “Playboy playmates are so overrated. I also like women with brains.

Round One: CM Punk

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