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Mariah May Advances To Semi-Finals; Tam Nakano Wins At Forbidden Door Zero Hour

On the stacked card that is AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door tonight, women representing both AEW and Stardom kick off the event during its Zero Hour pre-show.

Last week, Kris Statlander issued a challenge to former partner Willow Nightingale. The two face off in the next round of the Owen Hart Cup Tournament this Wednesday on Dynamite, but tonight is just a warmup. Statlander has chosen Momo Watanabe as her partner. To meet the opposition, Nightingale chose a woman whom she faced before, Tam Nakano.

Nakano and Statlander start the match, and Nakano is off to a strong start until the opposing team tries to isolate her in their corner. Nakano manages to get the tag out to Nightingale and finally meets Statlander face-to-face once and for all, until Statlander quickly tags out.

Watanabe warms up Nightingale for Statlander to tag in and take over. Both teams start hitting double-team moves, and Nightingale tries to take out Watanabe from the top rope to no avail. Watanabe uses her strength, but it’s not enough as Willow hits her pounce. Nakano gets the tag in and hits her Hammerlock German Suplex on Watanabe to pick up the win.

Next, is a quarter-final match in the Owen Hart Cup Tournament as Mariah May and Saraya go head-to-head. May is accompanied by Luther and “Timeless” Toni Storm prepping for her AEW Women’s World Championship match, and in Saraya’s corner is Harley Cameron.

Saraya gets distracted during the onset of the match, and May gains an advantage to hit her signature sidewalk slam. May tries to hit the running hip attack in the corner, but Saraya manages to dodge. The two trade blows and Saraya sends May into the steel ring post.

The match is all in Saraya’s favor and May tries to power through the match. Cameron tries to get involved, but Storm takes her out. Saraya hits the Modified Russian Legsweep, but May gets a hold of the ropes just in time. As Saraya is about to lock in the Scorpion Crosslock, May finds a way out and finds an opening to roll Saraya up and advance in the tournament.

Post-match we get an appearance from Mina Shirakawa, celebrating alongside May. But of course, Storm and Shirakawa are at odds before their match tonight.

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