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The CEO Becomes Two Beltz Moné, Meets The DMD; Storm Retains And Makes Up With Shirakawa

Worlds collided and titles were at stake as the AEW Women’s Division is in Long Island, New York for the annual AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view.

The AEW Women’s World Championship is up for grabs tonight as Artist of Stardom Champion Mina Shirakawa challenges the champion, “Timeless” Toni Storm. This match has been brewing since Storm’s surprise reappearance in Stardom back in April. Storm had invited Shirakawa to break down the Forbidden Door and since then Shirakawa has been captivating the AEW fans for the past couple of months.

Mariah May has been unfortunately caught in the middle, being the former Club Venus tag team partner of Shirakawa’s during her time in Stardom and being the protegé of Storm during her transition into AEW. Regardless of the two’s conflict, she offers her flowers to both women.

Shirakawa arrives with her signature entrance dance, and Storm arrives as Lady Liberty herself.

The challenger flaunts the Champion during the onset of the match, but Storm is taking this challenge very seriously. Shirakawa isn’t all games as she hits a figure-four leglock on the ring post and targets Storm’s knee during the match. Storm manages to fight back against Shirakawa, but the match is all Mina. Eventually, both find themselves on the top rope and Shirakawa hits a DDT from the top followed up with another one.

After struggling a bit, Shirakawa finally connects the Glamorous Driver, but Storm miraculously kicks out. Despite Shirakawa’s continuous offense, Storm suddenly pulls off a Storm Zero to retain her title.

Post-match, May makes her way to the ring conflicted at the outcome. And despite being at odds, Shirakawa tearfully thanks Storm for the match and hug it out. And much to May’s relief, she seals off the night as all three kiss and makeup…literally!

In a title-for-title match, the TBS Champion Mercedes Moné looks to defend her championship while also challenging CMLL World Women’s Champion Stephanie Vaquer, as she also puts the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship on the line. Moné looks to become a two-time champion and gain a title that many say was created for her in the first place. And Vaquer looks to add another piece of gold to the three titles she already possesses.

While the referee explains the rules to both opponents, Vaquer takes advantage and headbutts Moné to get a dirty start. Moné and her experience edge does not let that stop her and manages to gain back power quickly.

Moné and Vaquer are both matched as they both showcase their lucha styles. The two manage to make it outside the ring, and Vaquer hits a springboard crossbody to the outside as she gains control over the match. Moné from here on out can’t seem to adapt to Vaquer’s unique offense.

In a last-ditch attempt, Vaquer launches herself from the top rope as Moné finds an opportunity to hit a dropkick while airborne. Moné continuously tries to lock in a Moné Maker, but Vaquer finds a counter each time. 

The two kip up and trade blows and Vaquer locks a familiar crossface but Moné finds a counter into a crossface of her own. Vaquer powers through and drives her knees into Moné. 

Per her Boston status, Moné has angered the crowd and hits a sequence of double knees of her own into Vaquer. However, Moné miscues her dive and Vaquer manages to twist her ankle in the corner. Moné is battered, but powers through to finally find an opening for the Moné Maker and lock in the Crossface to become the new NJPW Strong Women’s Champion.

Moné relishes in her victory and taunts the crowd. But, the celebration is cut short as “The DMD” Britt Baker makes her long-awaited return to AEW and her appearance alone sends a statement toward the CEO.

What did you think of Forbidden Door tonight? How were both championship matches? And where will the CEO and the DMD go from here? Let us know your thoughts below.

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