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Maryse Launches Jewelry Business

Former WWE Diva Maryse has launched her new business, House of Maryse, a collection of jewelry designed by herself and veteran jewelry designer, Leslie Homan.

Several pieces, including necklaces, rings and earrings, are available for sale via the official House of Maryse website.

The former Divas Champion is seen modelling the various pieces in photography on the website.

An official statement for House of Maryse reads:

During my 6 years with the WWE, I met a lot of people, but one in particular with who I developed a close friendship, Leslie Homan, an accomplished jewelry designer, who’s line Femme Metale “Sterling Jewelry That Rocks”™ is sold worldwide. Leslie and I would talk for hours about all things style related and decided to join forces. My vision wasn’t just a dream anymore. Everything started from there, just like that … House Of Maryse was born!

Its been a long road since my very first fashion runway project in high school in 1998, but I always loved to make statements. I am not afraid to be out there and that’s what House of Maryse is all about. Its bold, edgy, screams sexy, and is for the daring woman, who is strong, independent and proud. When you wear House of Maryse, you are making a statement.

What do you think of Maryse’s jewelery? Would you purchase? Tell us in the comments!

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