Friday, April 19, 2024

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Maryse: Living Fire Hazard

I’m always saying how I love originality in photoshoots, but Maryse has taken it a little too outside the box in her new shoot, “A-door-able” *twitch*. Yes, the name is hokey as hell, but that takes a back seat to the choice of scenery – Maryse is parked in front of two double doors, and her poses are just asking for a few crude “going in through the back door” jokes. I kind of like the look of the wood grain as the backdrop, but I can’t say I love the aesthetic of her butt holding doors open – it just looks so awkward and not at all sexy. Though, I can imagine a large catering cart busting through at the wrong moment and sending her flying – now that would make for some interesting photos.

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