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Maryse to appear on The Cutting Edge this Monday on RAW

Maryse will be appearing on Edge’s The Cutting Edge segment this Monday on RAW.

Edge is set to face Maryse’s husband The Miz at Day 1 in just a few weeks. Last week, The Miz used Maryse as a shield to block an attack by Edge once things became physical on Miz TV. The A-list couple started to argue from this interaction. Maryse, who is obviously the star of this feud, slapped her own husband last week before leaving the ring.

What will Maryse have to say when she goes on Edge’s talk show?

Two matches have been confirmed for this Monday’s RAW as well. It appears we will be getting two rematches.

First, Bianca Belair will be facing Doudrop.

The two have been feuding for weeks. Two weeks ago, their first match ended on Doudrop’s terms as she caused a count-out victory for Belair. Belair in turn defeated Doudrop last week by pinfall but that didn’t stop Doudrop from attacking The EST from behind after the match.

Per WWE:

After a grueling and hard-earned victory last week, Bianca Belair thought she had finally put her issues with Doudrop to rest, but she was far from done with The EST of WWE.

While Belair celebrated her win, Doudrop came barreling out from backstage to squash her, standing tall over a fallen Belair and mocking her with her own move. What began as a feeling of disrespect from WWE Officials to Doudrop has grown into sheer animosity and resentment aimed directly at the former SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Will Belair be able to survive another encounter with an enraged Doudrop? 

Rhea Ripley will be seeking some revenge against one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions Queen Zelina. Zelina defeated Ripley in quick fashion last week after a distraction by Carmella.

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