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Maryse’s Birthday celebration destroyed; Becky Lynch and Doudrop brawl before their Royal Rumble clash

This week’s Raw was the go-home episode for the women of the red brand before the Royal Rumble this Saturday. Two women’s matches took place that involved Rumble participants and segments were highlighted for the other two women’s matches we are getting at the upcoming event. Plus Alexa Bliss‘ journey to Raw continues.

In the main event slot, Maryse had her fabulous birthday celebration that was put together by her husband, The Miz. The “It Couple” will be facing the “Grit Couple” of Beth Phoenix & Edge this Saturday. Last week, Maryse got the upper hand on Beth with the help of a brick.

This week, The Miz “spent a lot of money” to have security surround ringside to make sure that Maryse’s birthday celebration was successful. He presented Maryse with a few gifts before they realized the biggest present didn’t look familiar. Pretending to not know what was in it, The Miz had a member of security open it to unveil the brick on display that Maryse used to attack Beth last week.

Beth & Edge would interrupt the celebration and not hold back. They would level each security personnel before putting one through the birthday cake and table. Maryse and The Miz watched in horror from the timekeeper area as Raw went off the air.

In the last interview before their Raw Women’s Title match at the Royal Rumble, the champion Becky Lynch and Doudrop sat down to exchange some words. Lynch brought up that Doudrop has looked up to her for years and has always wanted this match to happen. She mocked her challenger.

Doudrop says that Becky only wants to face her because she feels it will be an easy victory. She adds that Big Time Becks has been struggling to hold onto her championship since her return. Doudrop says she isn’t a GOAT, she is a sad little lamb on the way to slaughter.

Eventually, Doudrop has enough of Becky’s words and she shows up where the champ is and drives her into a road case starting a bawl. The two have to be pulled apart from one another.

Alexa Bliss had the latest segment of her journey back to Raw. Each week we have seen a more subdued Alexa since she first reappeared three weeks ago. This time, she went over with her therapist how she first met Lilly and how she has always been in her life.

Results from Jan. 24 Raw

Bianca Belair defeated Queen Zelina

In the final moments of the match, Zelina attempted to go for Code Red but was stopped. Belair turned it into a KOD and received the victory against one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, & Dana Brooke defeated Nikki A.S.H., Carmella, & Tamina

In a rather short match, Ripley would pick up the win for her team after having Carmella submit. After the winning team celebrates, Nikki attacked Ripley from behind before retreating up the ramp.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for any further news and results from the women of the Raw brand and don’t miss this Saturday’s Discussion Post for the Royal Rumble!

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