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Mayu Iwatani Real Life Story To Be Made Into A Movie, “Runaway Wrestler”

One of Stardom’s most decorated wrestlers, Mayu Iwatani is set to have her real-life story made into a movie. The film will is titled “Runaway Wrestler” and auditions are being held for casting.

Further information provided by the We Are Stardom Twitter account gives a brief synopsis –

Desperate and withdrawn from reality in modern society, she left home for Tokyo and became a professional wrestler, but was still called Ponkotsu (useless/unreliable).

Further in the post, it states that the film is written by Yoshiki Watanabe, who wrote the script for the movie “Okuotoko” & the Netflix drama “Alice in Borderland”. As for the director, it is Jun Yoriko, whose work includes “Birthday” (2022 Cannes Film Festival), and stage productions of “Sengoku BASARA” & “BIOHAZARD.”

Iwatani posted the announcement first with the caption –

This time, it will be made into a movie! !! Withdrawal turned a life that didn’t make sense to live into a truly amazing life! !!

Iwatani is currently only one of two women in Stardom to be considered a Grand Slam Champion. Second to only Io Shirai. The 29yo just solidified this achievement by capturing and being the current SWA World Championship. She won this title on May 5 at Golden Week Fight Tour from Thekla.

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