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McCool Celebrates 5th WWE Anniversary, Counts Down Top 5 Moments


Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool recently celebrated five years as a WWE Diva and to mark the occasion, sat down with our friends at MichelleMcCool.net for a Q&A. Perhaps most interestingly, McCool counts down her top five moments during her time in WWE:

1.) My first WM moment……just being there was a feeling I will NEVER forget!

2.) Becoming the 1st ever Divas Champion….proved to myself that persistence and passion certainly pay off!

3.) Becoming Women’s Champion – if you’d of told me this 10 years ago, I probably would’ve called you crazy!

4.) My NOC match with Melina….it is to date my favorite match of all time that I have had – I was just so happy with both of us for putting together a match that really told a story, pushed the envelope with moves and that we executed well. Could things have been better? Of course….but nonetheless, I really liked it!

5.) Family Feud, Make-A-Wish, Project Runway, 5th Grader (though it was national humiliation), Best Damn Sports Show, etc….all of these outside activities would’ve never been possible.

If there was ever a Diva Search contestant that has left the ‘Diva Search’ tag so far behind her, it’s Michelle McCool. Seeing her today, you wouldn’t think for a second that she was part of that whole competition. Despite not winning [and being eliminated fairly early], she is undeniably the real winner of the Diva Search, enjoying the most success in the wrestling industry of any past Diva Search contestant. Congratulations to Michelle on her 5 year anniversary!

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