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Meiko Overcomes the World of Darkness; Lash Legend Issues A Warning

In a match that has been anticipated for weeks, the NXT UK Women’s Championship was on the line on this week’s episode. Isla Dawn has schemed her way into a rematch after stealing the title but did her gambit pay off?


Before we get to that, we see NXT 2.0 star Lash Legend appear in the arena and mistake Emilia McKenzie for staff, handing off her luggage. Taking part in her advertised guest spot on the Sprnova Sessions with Noam Dar, Lash spends most of the time dodging the advances of Noam and Sha but takes the final moment for herself.

Legend issues a warning to the women’s locker room that she is bringing a menagerie of skills to the table and that when she is done, there won’t be enough ‘for the vultures’.

Looking ahead to next week, which will mark NXT UK’s 200th episode, another NXT 2.0 star looks to make her own stamp on the division when Ivy Nile debuts. Right after the promo airs for her, we see Nina Samuels switching it off in disgust. As one of the women to appear in the first episode of NXT UK, Nina is set to welcome Ivy Nile to ‘her show’.

Now to the main event! It is explained by commentary that a World of Darkness match is a No DQ, No Count-Out match in reduced lighting. Meiko swore that she intends to hurt Isla Dawn in this match and she makes this clear by striking her opponent before the bell rings.

Commentary sells the match as being in the favour of Isla Dawn as she quickly takes the battle outside and at one point manages to string Meiko Satomura up against the ring post. The Final Boss manages to escape and gets the upperhand after Isla inadvertently collides knees first into the steel steps.

With the tide in her favour, Meiko rolls Isla in the ring and hits Scorpio Rising. The match should be hers but remembering the Black Mist from a few weeks ago, Meiko looks to deliver more damage and it is almost her undoing. Both women trade more blows but it is a missed diving meteora that sets Isla up for a chair elevated Scorpio Rising and finally cinches the match and the belt for Meiko Satomura.

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