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Meiko Satomura puts away a very determined Stevie Turner on NXT UK

On this week’s edition of NXT UK Meiko Satomura successfully defend the NXT Women’s Championship for the second time. Her challenger was Stevie Turner who showed fire and tenacity but was unable to dethrone the Final Boss.

The match came about after the champion asked the women’s division who was next to step up and Turner was the first to do so.

Turner made her message loud and clear by getting in the face of Satomura, which resulted in her title challenge.

Satomura, who was joined by Emilia McKenzie at ringside, made Turner pay for her recent transgressions early on with her signature striking and grappling prowess. Turner fought back with some kicks of her own. After more back-and-forth action a slap from Turner followed by an Eye of the Hurricane saw her take advantage.

The champion took back control by landing a Death Valley Driver before sending the challenger sprawling with a brutal Pele kick to the head.

Satomura followed up the offence by synching in an STF and forcing Turner to tap. Both competitors put on a solid performance resulting in a great match however, the result was never in doubt.

The next match saw Isla Dawn take on Subculture’s Dani Luna. Dawn’s soothsayer antics didn’t have much effect on Luna who used her superior power to defeat NXT UK’s White Witch. Despite the win, Luna left the match losing some hair.

The show also saw Jinny and Aoife Valkyrie hype up their match next week with Joseph Conners locked in a shark cage.

What did you make of NXT UK this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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