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Meiko Satomura Retains Despite The Dawn of a Dark Age on NXT UK

Ever since she made her intentions clear four weeks ago, Isla Dawn has vowed that the NXT UK Women’s Championship would find a new home when she gets her chance at Meiko Satomura. On this week’s edition of NXT UK, we finally got to see the two square off and the title did not leave with the same person it entered with despite Satomura pinning Dawn’s shoulders to the mat.

In our main event, we see the Final Boss finally get her hands on Isla Dawn. The eager witch of NXT UK is seen reaching for the title as the introductions are carried out. The match is a solid affair, seeing the two strikers trade blows back and forth with the action spilling to the outside.

Isla shows an incredible amount of resiliency, at times staggered but refusing to go down as she uses every trick she can think of to end Meiko’s reign. In a rare sight, we see our champion go to the top rope but comes crashing down on Isla’s knees and she follows up with a beautiful fisherman suplex for a very close two count.

The end comes around after a potential ankle injury begins to slow Meiko down. We see Dawn attempt to summon some strength from her wiccan roots as she goes to mimic one of Meiko’s moves. The champion wriggles free and catches Isla in a hammerlock pinning combination and secures the three count.

In a surprising twist, Dawn rips the NXT UK Women’s Championship from the referee as he attempts to hand it to our victor. Meiko Satomura can only watch from the ring as Isla Dawn disappears into the crowd clutching the title close to her chest.

Credit : WWE

A match is booked next week between Amale and Xia Brookside. On the Feb. 24 episode of NXT UK, Amale defeated this new version of Xia Brookside we’ve been seeing. The spoiled and entitled attitude has not been garnering much success for the young Brookside but she has hinted in recent weeks that her father, NXT Trainer Robbie Brookside, might be calling in a favour for her. After convincing Amale to consider a rematch, cameras caught Xia on the phone telling ‘daddy’ that it was ‘time’.

How will Meiko Satomura respond in the coming weeks? What did you think of the match? Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of NXT UK.

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