Saturday, March 2, 2024

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Melina: Because I’m Worth It

No this isn’t a shampoo ad, but doesn’t her hair look lovely? While it looks like Melina may be out of action for a while (or not, who knows?), has decided to keep Melina in the cyber-forefront with a spectacular new photoshoot entitled “Morning Light”. This is actually the first Melina ‘shoot in some time that I’ve liked – first off, she’s not piling on the makeup, and nor is she dressed ridiculously or standing in front of a lame backdrop! It’s like a Christmas miracle! All the checks are in the right column for me. She has a much more natural look going on, which, when paired with sunlight seeping through the window makes for a gorgeous photoshoot that I was beginning to forget that the WWE was capable of. And it’s not just the model – the lighting and scenery add as much to it as she does. It almost looks like a legitimate magazine photoshoot. Keep this going, WWE – less drag queen makeup and cotton candy props and more natural beauty.


Latest Posts

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