Saturday, May 18, 2024

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Melina Is Still At That Damn Hotel

It’s pretty obvious at this point that the WWE likes to take their Melina photoshoots at the local Holiday Inn (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, & Exhibit C), but I’m certainly not complaining. These have been some of Melina’s best photoshoots to date. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of her last one – the bright underwear didn’t really mesh with the mellow hotel room – this time, they got her attire right. She’s still in her skivvies, but they’re much more appropriate this time – in crisp shades of black and white. And if you couldn’t tell, they’ve got flowers too, hence the “Morning Flower” title of the photoshoot. I see what you did there,!

Melina must be lounging in an extended-stay hotel while her foot heals. But if this is all we see of Melina for a few months, at least it’s visually pleasing!


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