Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Melina reflects on her moment with Sasha Banks in the Royal Rumble, Wishes for a singles match

Melina was one of the most exciting surprises in this year’s Royal Rumble Match. Her entrance teleported Diva fans back in time with the cameras flashing and the red carpet rolled out. Her first time back in a WWE ring in 11 years.

What made Melina entering in at the number two spot in the Rumble even more special was that Sasha Banks was number one. A face-to-face encounter that one could only dream about until that moment.

The former five-time champion took to her social media to talk about her time in the Rumble. Her quick elimination in under a minute was a shock and robbed many of an exciting encounter between the two. Melina had the following to say about the crowd reaction to her and Banks starting the Rumble.

Thank you for all the love and edits for a match vs @sashabankswwe. I love them!

Last year, @impactwrestling & @nwa gave me two great matches that I will always cherish. One with @deonnapurrazzo & the other with @kamillebrickhouse. Both gave me so much joy. It also proved I can still get in there with the best… SO, that night at the Royal Rumble, I was ready to GO!

I wish that moment with Sasha was a singles match. To think if we were able to get a reaction like we did that night without wrestling… Can you imagine what we could do if we actually wrestled?!!!

I can wish for a match with you with all my heart and it may never happen, but whether it was 5 seconds, 60 seconds, or 20 minutes in the ring with you Sasha, I’m grateful for that magic moment at the Rumble no matter how short. I will forever keep that in my heart. ??

With Lita vs. Becky Lynch happening at Elimination Chamber in a dream match, what say we get Sasha Banks vs. Melina next?

What are your thoughts? Join the discussion below!

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