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Bianca Belair and Doudrop pick up wins ahead of Elimination Chamber; Alexa Bliss has more work to do on her journey

The Elimination Chamber event is one week from Saturday and has become a lot more interesting for women’s wrestling fans as an Elimination Chamber match has been announced. Five out of the six women have been confirmed and four of them squared off last night in two separate matches. Becky Lynch is also scheduled to defend the Raw Women’s Championship against Lita at the event.

In the first match, Bianca Belair faced Nikki A.S.H.

Despite Belair having the clear strength and height advantage over Nikki, Nikki was able to employ some quick thinking in the match. This includes the use of the ring apron to her advantage and targeting the knee of Belair. In the end it would be Belair with her hand raised after delivering a KOD.

In a WWE Digital Exclusive, Nikki’s recent losses to her are massive successes.

Two more women we will see in the upcoming Chamber match squared off as Liv Morgan faced Doudrop. These two put together a fresh match with great chemistry. They put on a match last week on Main Event with Morgan coming out with the win. This time, Doudrop gets the victory. Giving the women time to put on a decent length match, it would be a big splash in the corner giving Doudrop the pin.

Heading into the Elimination Chamber, Liv Morgan is the only competitor out of the five announced who has experience in the structure. She has appeared in two out of the three prior bouts.

Elsewhere on Raw, the 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke continues to duck and dodge the advances of Tamina, R-Truth, and Akira Tozawa. With the help of Reggie, Brooke has managed to hold the title for now 77-days. She shows her appreciation by giving Reggie a kiss on the cheek and thanking him. This leads Reggie to think there may be more to that show of affection but Dana says they are just good friends.

Maryse was involved in Miz TV as Rey & Dominik Mysterio were the guests of the segment. She was able to get in a zinger saying that Rey’s name should be Rey MARYSEterio.

Lastly, Alexa Bliss‘ journey back to Raw continues. Last week, she was given a replica of Lilly and it made her quite emotional. Her therapist continues to help her work on her rage and anger. In the new clip, Bliss explains how her week has been. She gives instances where she would have normally become enraged but chose to calmly handle them. Up until she speaks about seeing someone (who is described as Lilly) in the grocery store and she threw her down aisle 3 and whacked her with a loaf of bread.

Her therapist confirms that there is still some work to do.

For what took place between Lita and Becky Lynch on this week’s Raw, you can click here.

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