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“Now that there is a Becky Lynch there can be no Lita” exclaims Lynch on Raw before taking a Twist of Fate

Ever since Lita was announced for last month’s Royal Rumble, there has been a huge buzz around her return. On SmackDown, after nearly 20 years of not appearing on the program, Lita declared that she has one last run in her and now has her eye on becoming the Raw Women’s Champion.

Last week, Lita challenged the champion, Becky Lynch, to a title match at the upcoming Elimination Chamber event. Lynch at first declined but after Lita got in her head about “being scared,” Becky accepted. But why was Lynch hesitant at first? On this week’s Raw an in-ring promo between the two competitors, she explains.

Lynch admits that she worshiped Lita growing up. She showed what women can do in WWE. Furthermore, Lynch says she is eternally grateful for Lita believing in her and seeing something in her. She adds that without Lita there would be no Becky Lynch. However, now that there is a Becky Lynch, there can be no Lita.

Lynch feels hurt that someone she has idolized would want to take everything away from her and the Raw Women’s Title which means the most to her. And during WrestleMania season. She emphasizes that she has had to get rid of friends, the people, and now has no issue getting rid of Lita.

Lita fires back giving the credit of her success to the fans. She has no qualms about being the underdog in this fight. Lita hasn’t had a title shot in 15 years but says that the WWE Universe still supports her to this day. And as long as the fans are here, there is still a Lita. She declares that she will walk out of Elimination Chamber as a 5-time Women’s Champion.

The two then get physical with Lynch attacking first and stomping on her competitor in the corner. Big Time Becks could have left it alone there but didn’t. She went for the Manhandle Slam but Lita countered with a Twist of Fate following it up with the exclamation point of a moonsault.

Elimination Chamber is set to air on Saturday, Feb. 19 at Noon ET.

For further results from the Feb. 7 episode of Raw, you can click here.

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