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Melina Returns To Roots

Before she became the A-List Diva, Melina kickstarted her WWE career all the way back in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Last night at OVW’s television tapings, in a dark match, Melina and MNM returned to their old stomping grounds once more. Except this time, it wasn’t for a tag team match… it was against each other! Melina made a surprise appearance coming to John Morrison’s rescue in his match with his former tag team partner, Joey Mercury:

First off, after TV and intermission was over, out came Chris Cage. Cage is without question the #1 heel in OVW right now, and he proved why again as he came out griping, whining etc about his veteran status. That brought out Elijah Burke, who proceeded to rip Cage to shreds in the ring. Humiliated, Cage left the ring and out came Joey Matthews and Von Lilus.

Joey got in Elijah’s face, but Elijah tore in to Joey, almost causing an altercation. However, Elijah then introduced JOHN MORRISON, who came out, and proceeded to tear the house down with Joey. This match probably went a good 20 minutes, and is the best match I’ve seen Morrison have since… I can’t remember. Anyways, Morrison kicked the ref, knocking him out, which brought out another ref, who Joey gave a stiff looking forearm to after Morrison kicked out, which brought out Von Lilus to interfere with a chair.

THEN it gets interesting. As Lilus is getting ready to hit Morrison, out comes MELINA!!! She ballshots Lilus and Morrison hits his finish for the win. All the babyfaces come out and celebrate, as Morrison/Melina praise OVW.

Melina may be a two-time former Women’s Champion, but it’s nice to know she remembers where she started. How cool would it be to see Melina & Morrison on TV together again? They certainly were a dream team but had he not moved to ECW, she couldn’t have become the singles competitor and Women’s Champion she has become today.

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