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Melina Speaks on Her Fellow Divas

Former Divas & Women’s Champion, Melina has become one of the most talked about Divas on the Internet in the past week, a fact that is alluded to in her latest blog on the WWE Universe website. From her comments on Eve Torres‘ Divas Title win to comments exchanged between her and former Diva Maria Kanellis, stemming from our interview with the latter, you have all been buzzing about the A-List Diva. And given that she is out with an injury and not even on TV at the moment, the buzz is all the more impressive. Melina certainly knows how to get the world talking!

However, also in her latest blog, the former champion discusses her fellow Divas individually, in what she describes as being almost like a yearbook. Read below:

We all know Jillian is my best friend. I treasure her with all of my heart and she has such great talent. I wish everyone could see. My heart wants to show the world what she is capable of, what a wonderful woman she is and how much she contributes to not only wrestling but the people around her. I want to give her everything she deserves in wrestling and in life. I am blessed to have her in mine.

Mickie is always so bubbly and chipper! She cracks me up. I am so proud of her on so many levels and I am thankful to know her and have her in my life as well. Her work speaks for itself and I can not tell you enough how I loved having our feud together as well as having her as my partner. She’s my Mick’ James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth is an incredible woman who’s work also shines. Just like Mickie and Jillian, her beauty is incomparable and stands out. I absolutely loved working with her. There is no one in this company like her and it is so beautiful to see. I am so proud of their work on SD and I am a fan of it!

Gail. I have the Utmost respect for everything she has gone through and accomplished. She is a remarkably talented woman and person. It would be an honor to have a singles match with her. I truly hope that I get the opportunity.


Katie Lea, I love dearly. When I tore my ACL Katie and Maryse stayed by my side the entire time and I will never forget that. They took care of me and I was quietly freaking out in my head :p. Such a great friend. Katie is another woman I wish I could wrestle because she is SO talented as well and her style that’s unparalleled. I am so happy to have her as my friend.

My beautiful Natalya who I wish I could give more to. She is amazing and the world knows it. She has a good heart and a beautiful soul! I love her dearly. My wish is to have an aggressive singles match with a good amount of time with her. I would deeply love that. I love her energy, her work and her intensity! I hope she knows how much she means to me.

Michelle has been great to see through the years. How she has come into her own and how she has progressed. I am extremely proud of her work ethic and her ambition. I miss working with her as well and she, along with Beth, Mickie and Trish, has given me the most memorable matches and I hope we create many more.

Now for my newer Beauties. The up and coming talent who have GREAT potential and ARE the future of wrestling. They are like my children and I want to take care of them, praise them and tell them how proud I am ALL the time… I just am trying to teach them… show them… lead them…. I may not be perfect but no one is. Just know I love you guys and want to show you all the possibilities before I my career is over.

Layla has made me proud with her energy and spirit. She has an incredible personality and a willingness to learn and try anything. I miss working with her. I always want to work with up and coming talent because there is so much to teach by working…. especially in singles matches! The few I have had with Layla has been great, fun and I brought me great pride.

Kelly Kelly is a great face. She just needs to be her and the world will love her. She gets such sympathy when she is in her matches and that is a big part of wrestling…. She gets it. She has her own way, her own style and it’s undeniable. Our little sweetie that we all want to take care of. And we always will. I love you no matter what.

OH Maryse!! OUIE OUIE! Just because you are another version of me in so many ways in and out of the ring :p I love you and am proud of you. Such a strong woman who knows herself, what she wants and what works for her. And it’s great! I love it! I love your character, your bumps and your ambition. You want to create magic and to do your best. I love that and the person that you are.

Alicia, if you could only see yourself through my eyes. the things I want to show you and what you are capable of… all the things I have seen from you, I look forward to what is to come in the future. Not only your look and your body, but your style is unique as well. That is great to see and makes me want to work with you that much more because of the countless things we can do together.

Nicole & Brie, Beautiful women who have beautiful hearts as well. To truly know them is to spend time with them and talk to them. Such characters especially when you see how they interact with each other. It’s the harshest, funniest and sweetest thing! They are eager to learn and work and when people say, “I’m game, let’s do it,” regarding a match, you win me over! :p They are troopers and can work. I am proud of them too. With all these girls, I look forward to see the future with them. I love these girls!!!

As for Eve, like I have said before, This woman has great potential and has so much to give to the WWE. You wait, just like ALL of our up and comers you will see the difference in their work now and in a year from now… it will be a great sight!! And the journey will be amazing! Again congratulations to you in winning the title! It’s going to be fun and incredible and take each moment in ! I can’t wait to work with or alongside you…. and that goes to the other Divas too.

Rosa such a beautiful woman. I wish I could get a copy of that match we had in FCW. I am proud of it and it was fun. This woman always willing to take any move….. to do anything that is asked of her. She tries her best all the time and gives her all. It warms my heart to see that. I love talking to her and working with her. My latin sister. She is a great character and I hope the world can see more of it.

Savannah, I haven’t worked with her much but she is sweet, helpful and always upbeat. I hope to work with her more in the future. Thank you for always being so kind and respectful. I can’t wait to get back on the road to spend more time with you! :D

Tiffany, Look at her! She is such a happy, positive woman! Always! Again when a person says they will take any move, you win me over!! She said the same thing…. I had practice matches with her and she would just let me beat her up :P. Sweetest girl. She is different!!! :p hee hee hee, I say that in a loving way…. I love it when people have little -isms that are SO Them!!! Another lady where you just have to meet her to understand. I love the way she is and there is no one like her!

Serena, I am just so Proud…. tremendously proud of you. OMG. You, like me, wouldn’t take no for an answer. Look at you now. I can not wait to see what you are going to do in wrestling. I CAN’T WAIT to work with you too. You are another person that I look forward to spending time with when I get back. I absolutely love you!

We’ve always known that Melina has a passion for the wrestling industry and she shows her respect for her fellow Divas. It’s a shame that WWE doesn’t have the same respect for these girls to actually do right by them, but at least women like Melina keep that spirit alive.

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