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Melina Talks Surprise Title Changes And Her Future In Wrestling

Former OG WWE Women’s Champion as well as Divas Champion Melina recently spoke about many topics throughout her career as she sat down with Ring the Belle.

The 20 plus year veteran spoke with DS Shin about her win against Jillian to become the Divas Champion but also that mysterious win and loss of the Women’s Title in Paris.

For those of you who may need a reminder, in 2007 at a live event in Paris, France…Melina lost the WWE Women’s Title to Mickie James in a Triple Threat that also included Victoria. Of course that wasn’t supposed to be the case, so Melina hd a rematch with James that same night to win back the title. Here is what Melina had to say about that moment.

“Blame me if you guys want to blame me that it was my fault, but it was everybody’s fault. Again when it comes to wrestling you have to be prepared for every scenario. What if I was hurt, what if all these things happened? You have to be prepared.If your the person getting pinned you have to be ready to kick out because that’s the job. If you’re the person on top you gotta be ready to pretend you are going to be kicked out. We have to protect each other, it’s just not one person – you don’t blame everybody on one person. This made me learn that when you do too many spots that are the same freaking thing, I was told and I asked multiple times is it at this point? Is this when I am supposed to kick out? Is this when I am supposed to come in? Everybody was like ‘yeah, yeah, yeah.” I did what I was told, that’s the way I saw it. It’s miss communication and I understand that. Maybe I got it wrong? I’ll take the blame it doesn’t really matter.”

Melina went on to explain that so many people were confused and every body was exhausted after a long road show and this was the tail end of it.

Melina has been out of wrestling for about a year now as she has taken some time off. Her last appearance in a ring was at an indie event against Scarlett Bordeaux in May 2022. Of course she appeared in the WWE Royal Rumble in January of that same year. Prior to that she was working with NWA and made a few appearances for IMPACT. Here’s what she told Shin about her future plans.

“For the first time in 20-something years, I took a break from wrestling for a year. I gotta get back in shape because I enjoyed my vacation a little too much, but I’m happy with it. I’ll get back in shape, I want to do stuff with Alicia Fox. At the same time, I want to start managing. If anything, I want to start doing stuff behind the scenes or anything. Melina can do anything. I want to do everything to make you guys smile and have fun. That’s what matters to me,”she said.

Outside of this Ring the Belle interview, Melina also spoke to MuscleMan Malcolm where she wishes WWE would bring back other former talents.

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