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Melina’s Got This All Wrapped Up

Melina in “On the Dot”

We’re debuting a new format for our Eye Candy posts – complete with more detailed critiques and “graded” categories. View the photoshoot we’ve “hung” on our wall, read our critique, vote, and last but not least – sound off in the comments!

The Look: A cute polka-dotted dress and wrapped heels are all Melina needs in this shoot. The dress looks sweet with its girly colors, but is short enough to show some leg, and the shoes are to die for. They’re eye-catching, and could be overkill in a more busy ensemble, but Melina wears them perfectly here. A single necklace is her only jewelry, and her makeup is similarly simple. Overall it’s a fun, casual look that’s cute, but is made that much more interesting by her poses. Grade: A

The Poses: As mentioned above, the poses help take the photoshoot from “cute” territory. Melina shows a lot of leg and keeps a serious look, save for a few smirks. The off-camera glances are different, but have a touch of that over-the-top “glamour shot” look. Still, I like that she’s doing more than just staring into the camera, as some Divas do. I’d rather have more inventive posing, like she’s doing here, than the same old song and dance. Grade: A

Uniqueness: It’s a simple dress-and-heels look, so she’s not setting the fashion world on fire, but her poses and the simple way she handles herself sets this photoshoot apart. She looks comfortable and confident, and that’s a quality more rare than you’d think. Grade: B+

Overall: I’m ecstatic any time a Diva keeps her look simple, and after Melina’s over-the-top “ring leader” shoot, this was a nice change of pace. I love the look and the poses, so it’s pretty obvious that I’m pretty fond of the shoot as a whole. Grade: A

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