Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Mercedes Moné Not Expected To Be AEW Full Gear Signing

AEW’s CEO Tony Khan has made an announcement stating that a major signing is set to happen this Saturday at the Full Gear event. In a social media post, Khan stated that AEW had agreed to terms with “one of the world’s best wrestlers, a pro who is known ams respected by every AEW fan.” This started the potential talk amongst social media and fans that it could be Moné. However, Fightful Select is putting that thought out of the realm of a possibility.

Per Fightful Select:

“AEW talent themselves were speculating this week between a number of talent, including Mercedes Moné. Though we’ve heard as far back as August that there were working plans for the two sides to work together, the plan isn’t to announce her this weekend at AEW Full Gear, if people in the company are to be believed. Several have stated that when asked, it was indicated that the Full Gear announcement isn’t Mercedes.

Mercedes hasn’t been seen on television since appearing at AEW All In, and for good reason.

While there were some rumblings within wrestling that Mercedes could appear in some capacity at AEW Grand Slam, that didn’t end up happening, either. As we’re told, that wasn’t in the plans at any point realistically.

Tony Khan has been pretty transparent in the weeks prior to that Mercedes is healing up from her injury. As Fightful Select was told, she was still in a boot as of the week prior, and Khan had told others that she’d likely still be in a boot at WrestleDream, which came and passed. AEW hid that from the general audience at AEW All In, though it was known within the industry. Reports have since emerged that she was out of her boot. 

There are working plans for Mercedes to work with AEW, we just haven’t heard of when.”

Several days ago, Moné posted that she does expect to be with “some wrestling company” in 2024.

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