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Miami Herald Gives Women’s Wrestling Mainstream Exposure: “Women Can Wrestle, If Given Chance”

The Miami Herald has a lengthy new article discussing the position of women in wrestling today and judging by the title, “Women Can Wrestle, If Given Chance,” it’s a must read for all fans of this section of wrestling.

The article features comments from Afa the Wild Samoan who runs annual Elite 8 tournaments for women, as well as TNA’s Sarita. Check out some quotes from Sarita below:

“As a TNA Knockout, I can speak from my time there that the women are in a great place. We have all been given opportunities to prove ourselves in matches, interviews and backstage segments.

“When I first joined TNA, I was impressed by the diversity of the girls in terms of look and wrestling style, and I think this is something that helped make the Knockouts division stand out as one of the best women’s divisions in the world.

“Sometimes women’s wrestling is not taken seriously, which is unfortunate for those of us that have invested so much energy and effort into it. Image is so important to succeed in wrestling and has tended to have more importance than talent, skill and connection with the public.

“To really be lifted up, women’s wrestling needs to keep focusing on diversity to develop girls with true star power. Your typical `beautiful’ girl is not always the girl that will stand out or interest more people in women’s wrestling.”

To read the full article, which was a great, great read, click here.

Thoughts: It’s really exciting to see a mainstream outlet like the Miami Herald dedicate such a long article, especially such a positive one, to women’s wrestling. This is highly encouraging for us as fans who continue to want to see women’s wrestling be taken more seriously and for the women in the sport to break down more barriers. Even this site is trying to give these women that much more exposure & that much more encouragement to do what they do. I’m really happy to see a major outlet take notice of what’s going on in women’s wrestling and highlight it. That can only be good for the rest of us.

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