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Michelle Gets All Philosophical

Michelle McCool has taken to her Fan Nation blog to comment on a few things, mainly the amount of scruntity that she and other Divas endure:

Personality/character: I had someone send me a message saying that I’m this, I’m that, I don’t have this, I don’t have that, I stink at this, I stink at that. Ok…….I get your point – you obviously don’t like or respect me. To my defense, I wish you just knew me before you felt the need to act like you do! :) This will probably come out either ungrateful and mean or extremely passionate (I hope it’s the latter b/c that’s what it’s supposed to be)! I love this business…always have and always will!!! I can only do what I am asked/told to do and I hope that whether you like a superstar or not, you can at least look past what you think you know about him or her and try to respect whatever it is they might be doing. There is a lot more to me than what you have seen on tv and hopefully, in the very near future, you will be able to see that even more. Alot of times, all of the divas are put into the same category as to how they look and/or act. I don’t want that.

We aren’t all the same, we don’t dress the same, we don’t have the same backgrounds, we don’t look the same and we don’t act the same. I myself find that refreshing! We don’t always get the opportunity to show that on tv, so whenever we get a chance to simply be on tv (no matter what the capacity), we try to capitalize on that. It’s just really funny to me….to do this job, it takes a lot of heart, a lot of athleticism, a lot of soul and a whole lot of strength (physical, mental and emotional). The people who are sending these comments obviously have nothing better to do and only see what they want to see (not just with me, with whoever they are sending them to and/or about).

The way I look at it is this…when people don’t expect much from you, you always get the praise of how wonderful you did and how much you have grown. When people think you should be doing better, they don’t look at how far you’ve come or what you may or may not be doing for the other person you are working with. It’s pretty much a double edged sword and I LOVE IT! I know we can’t please you all, but I hope we just continue to entertain you and earn a little bit of your respect. As I’ve said a million times, there are lots of hearts to win and barriers to break. It’s you guys and your feedback that keep us going. So, thank you for that!

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So, do you agree with her? Are fans too harsh, or do you think Michelle should suck it up and take the criticism? Personally, I feel the Divas shouldn’t be treated like little girls – we should be able to judge their performances and criticize them if we feel it’s warranted. If everything came down to “Oh, but look how far they’ve come!” there’d be no point to discussing matches and pretty much makes this blog pointless. They get paid to do this (wrestle, perform..), so I feel we have every right to question and discuss their talent and ability to do so. Some people are too harsh, but that comes with the territory, I’d think.. What’s your take? Sound off in the comments!

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