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Michelle McCool Makes Championship History?

Here’s a crazy stat: According to Wikipedia, Michelle McCool‘s Women’s Championship reign is in some ways the longest reign for some 17 years. Her run is the longest active title reign as the only other two women to have held the title for longer in the past 17 years had been inactive for some portion of their total reign.

Diva Dirt reader Dave wrote in to tell us that McCool’s reign currently stands at 214 days, longer than most in recent history but not quite as long as the 448 day reign by Trish Stratus in 2005 through WrestleMania 22 in 2006, however Stratus was away with an injury for some part of that title reign.

Meanwhile, Chyna who equals Michelle’s 214 day reign according to Wikipedia, had been inactive for most of her title reign and eventually left WWE in November 2001 with the title being vacated. Even with the reign counted as 214 days, Michelle will surpass Chyna tomorrow.

To find McCool’s nearest competitor with an ‘active’ title run would be Molly Holly‘s 210 days as champion in 2003.

The longest reign before Michelle’s, barring Trish’s impressive 400+ day feat, would be Alundra Blayze‘s title reign in 1993 through 1994 which notched up 342 days — assuming Blayze was ‘active’ for the whole of it.

Not an exact science of course, but food for thought nonetheless — I know I gasped ‘wow’.

Does McCool’s run deserve to be considered ‘historic’? All personal feeling for the woman aside, of course.

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