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Michelle McCool Says Goodbye to WWE Fans, Speaks on Nagging Foot Injury

Outgoing WWE Diva, Michelle McCool spoke to about her departure from the company following last night’s Extreme Rules pay per view.

McCool spoke on her nagging foot injury, which is why she was recently seen wearing a boot. She said:

“My foot has been injured for two months now, broken toe, torn joint capsules, torn MCL. I took a good beating by Layla and Kharma, too. I know I’ll be feeling it tonight, tomorrow and probably the next day,” McCool exclusively told “But I’ll wear it with pride.”

Michelle said goodbye to the WWE fans with these parting words:

“I’ve been doing this for six years now. Love me or hate me, I hope the WWE Universe can respect that night in and night out, I’ve given it my all,” McCool said as the tears again began to flow. “This is definitely emotional, and I’m sure it’ll be like that for awhile.”

“Thank you for the love and the hate. Thank you for being you and for watching. Hopefully I’ll see you around – not in the ring – but maybe someday.”

Read the full piece here.

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